Shell Fragment

Tempus diFlamme is on a quest to find all the fragments of the shell he hatched from. To date, he has found one and is on the trail of a second.

Quelenna spent a great deal of time between adventures doing research into dragonborn eggs with the following findings:

It is rare to discuss shell lore outside of the dragonkin. Sorcerers have long known that shells possess special powers and can be used in items. It is not unusual for sorcerers to seek out nests to steal shell fragments in order to create items.

Much of the lore was from general magic uses of fragments rather than from the dragonkin themselves. One of the sorcerers that was written about had stalked a female from her early life until after she was heavy with eggs. He won her trust by guarding her nest until the hatchlings began to emerge. He betrayed her, critically wounded her and made off with several shell fragments. He wrote extensively on how to create items and betray dragonkin. However, there was no research on how to find lost fragments.

Shell Fragment

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