Eladrin Sorcerer


Quelenna is an upper crust, sorceress, from a fine Eladrin family. There have been many times in the past where she travels with a bard named Mindartis who is also from her old village and seems to be a childhood friend. She does not like to speak about her past, though a few of her adventuring pals have been to her childhood home. She still maintains a large villa and full time servants at the township.

Quelenna travels with a very large badger, Mr Pants, and constantly consults on all major decisions. She is always interested in having tailor made clothing of the finest materials created for her companion. He strongly resists being dressed in pants and shreds them at the soonest opportunity. Quelenna has wandered off after Mr Pants rather that follow the leader of an adventuring party. She insists the badger actually speaks to her, though no one can discern if the badger is actually responding to her at all. He does seem to like fighting, and often engages the enemy. Mr Pants usually takes care of his own biological needs.

Quelenna is somewhat intelligent, but is prone to making poor choices. Her hobbies are spell crafting, spell study, and trying to dress a badger up in fanciful clothing. She often makes impulsive choices after discussing them with Mr Pants. The badger seems more interested in eating worms. She also has a penchant for taking apart dead bodies for rare spell components.

Early Life:
Que’s mother died when she was very young of unknown causes. It was not spoken about by the elves and even Que’s superior powers of manipulation couldn’t wrangle hints from the local gossip. People actually didn’t know what happened. Que’s father was a regional leader of some sort, and some would say a prince. He was gone most of the time and left Que to be raised by her great uncle, Dihsrog. He was a sorcerer, and pretty much wanted to just study and allowed her to wander all over the Feywild with various ne’er do wells like Mindartis. She found a young badger on one of their escapades and hid it in her room for over a year before getting caught. She told her great uncle he spoke to her in her mind, so he shrugged and ignored the problem of having a destructive wild animal in the house. Dihsrog did educate the child in basic spells, components, reading magic tomes and potion making.

Her father died while on a diplomatic mission in Antiersia when she was about 11 years old. She had only met him a few times, so she really didn’t feel much attachment. However, when she was 19 years old, Dihsrog blew himself up in the garden of the villa by accidentally combining a few spell components with an orcish moonshine instead of distilled brocane vinegar, as they smell exactly the same. His passing left her alone in the world.

Local people found her to be a bit odd, and allowed her to live on her own even though she was a bit too young by elvish standards. Hobbit servants were procured to watch over her and meet her needs. She was given a few tutors to polish off her basic education, but most found her strong knowledge of arcana and history to outstrip their ability to guide her. She was forced to go to a school on basic manners, but was able to charm her way out and back into the forest with Mr Pants.


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