Mr Pants

Badger familiar of Quelenna


Mr Pants is the familiar of Quelenna. She claims that he speaks to her, but this has never been verified.


Mr Pants is a very large and somewhat older badger (Taxidea taxus). He prefers live prey, but has been known to regularly consume the bodies of the fallen creatures that have attacked the party. He prefers to do his own hunting. He hates potted marigolds. He also hates wearing pants for longer than a few minutes. His sorceress, Quelenna, has often commissioned tailor made britches for him. He loves silk above all other things. He loves to shred it with gusto. Mr Pants has allowed Quelenna to regularly put pants on him, as she finds it amusing. Quelenna is the only person who can currently put pants on Mr Pants without taking damage. He sits quietly while she does it, and then scampers off to shred them.

Mr Pants has a penchant for alcoholic spirits. His close contact with various parties has made him a regular at local inns. He has a keen sense of smell, and a no-nonsense attitude when he wants to find libations. He has been known to find wine cellars in the middle of no where.

Mr Pants has often upset the halfling servants at Quelenna’s villa. He feels that he rules the earth under the villa and the halflings are intruding. Mr Pants burrows around in his sett next to the hobbit domaine. As he does, he sometimes breaks through walls. He often breaks into storage areas. He sometimes drinks everything in the wine cellar, or beer cellar, or all of the spirits. Drunken badgers are often sleepy badgers. Mr Pants then looks for a warm bed, or someone to cuddle with. He loves everyone when he is drunk. This has led to some awkward cuddling and intimate situations with the halfling staff of the villa.

Mr Pants is a powerful ally, for such a little guy. He is always in the middle of the melee and will protect Quelenna to the best of his ability. He is quite fond of Quelenna’s new traveling companion, Claudiu. They share a love of intoxicating beverages.

Quelenna thinks Mr Pants talks to her inside her head. She is convinced he tells her things and helps her make wiser decisions. She will often take his advice over the party.

Mr Pants has no known enemies at this time, and is fond of spiders as snacks.

Mr Pants

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