Eladrin Bard


Mindartis grew up in a traveling circus. When he was 14 years old he wanted to make sure that the ring of fire would ignite so he used extra oil…a lot of extra oil. The tent burned to the ground killing several of the animals and burning some of the performers. He was kicked out of the circus.

He made his way to the city where he met Gwenn. Gwenn was a beautiful half-elf who took an interest in Mindartis. She was particularly interested to learn that he was a virgin. She invited him to be part of her secret society the Pit of the Sages. He went with her to a meeting where they let him sit on a low table right in front. They had him undress and bathed him in scented oil while everyone sung a rhythmic song. The next thing he knows he wakes up in his bed with a small strange symbol on his chest. He went to where the ceremony had been held, but it was closed. It seems that there was a bloody massacre there the previous night.

Mindartis later found out that the symbol is of Asmodeus the king of demons. He is currently looking for a way to remove it or at least hide it.


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