Insane DM Adventures


Quelenna, Tempus diFlamme, and Mindartis began their adventuring career a couple of years ago in a little village called Westbrook. One of their first adventures was the investigation of some break ins on some of the outlying farms. They discovered that a small band of kobolds was responsible, but that they had been forced out of their village by “frogmen” and were trying to keep from starving at a makeshift camp. A kobold called “Garglesnout” by the party leads them to their captured village now overrun by bullywugs. The party drives them out, earning the friendship of the kobold and the esteem of the people of Westbrook. While tracking down the reason for the bullywug intrusion, they trace it back to a young black dragon trying to make a lair in the swamp. They slay the dragon and find a Shell Fragment inset into a ring.

Their next adventure took them into the Ruins of Eli’nagrala where they fought a zombie horde and defeated Father Viktor a necromancer in service to the Blood Baroness Kalilesa. It was during this combat that Tempus fell and appeared dead for a few moments before rising at full health in a blinding column of light that left his scales bleached silver. Soon after, he meets his warhorse Star-strider, a magical construct.

The party then travels to Raven’s Bluff where they disturb a ritual of the undead cult they’d encountered before.

Next they travel to the Feywild to assist their ranger in the Summer Hunt, which of course she wins.

Shortly after this, the party goes on hiatus. They go their separate ways but eventually reunite for more adventures.



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