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Down Time Summary
Quelenna spent a year finding the dragonkin arcana on Shell Fragments. It is rare to discuss shell lore outside of the dragonkin. Sorcerers have long known that shells possess special powers and can be used in items. It is not unusual for sorcerers to seek out nests to steal shell fragments in order to create items.

Much of the lore was from general magic uses of fragments rather than from the dragonkin themselves. One of the sorcerers that was written about had stalked a female from her early life until after she was heavy with eggs. He won her trust by guarding her nest until the hatchlings began to emerge. He betrayed her, critically wounded her and made off with several shell fragments. He wrote extensively on how to create items and betray dragonkin. However, there was no research on how to find lost fragments.

In her own words:
“I undertook a visioning ceremony involving a complicated potion and some pipe weed. I was trying to find a clue regarding Tempus’ shell fragment. The images were random and disconnected. Fragments of shell seemed to burst and go in lots of directions. I could not see where they all went or how many there were.

I focused on a round shard and followed it. There was a hooded figure in a brilliant red robe that had the shard in their hand. The figure offered it to a wizened old jeweler, who carefully placed the shell in a diadem. The diadem turns silvery white, and then suddenly glows red. The hooded figure then slits the throat of the jeweler and rinses the diadem in the blood.

That first vision wiped me out! I had to sleep for days. Mr Pants was very concerned and had to console himself by digging a new room to his sett. He seems to have dug through into the hobbit area. Mr Pants found the kitchen and helped himself to some fine wine and mushrooms. Badgers love a good mushroom. It seems the hobbit wine was a bit strong, and he ended up getting lost. Never fear! He found a cozy place to sleep, and he was ok! No worries there! One of the hobbits said he didn’t appreciate Mr Pants spooning with him. Silly hobbits. Mr Pants is very affectionate. Mr Pants says they don’t understand him.

I prepared more of the potion and took it one month after the first vision. I tried to focus on the diadem. The image was of flying a long way. It felt very cold and very high. Suddenly, there was a falling or swooping sensation. I plummeted down, and down, and down. Suddenly, in the middle of a there was a volcano. In the crater, there were hot springs and mud pots, and in the middle was a very tall, narrowly build keep with spires. It felt like we flew in through a narrow window like an arrow slit. Down and down we went. I saw a sorcerer’s atelier. In a crystal case, there was a mummified skull with the diadem on it."


Quelenna, Tempus diFlamme, and Mindartis began their adventuring career a couple of years ago in a little village called Westbrook. One of their first adventures was the investigation of some break ins on some of the outlying farms. They discovered that a small band of kobolds was responsible, but that they had been forced out of their village by “frogmen” and were trying to keep from starving at a makeshift camp. A kobold called “Garglesnout” by the party leads them to their captured village now overrun by bullywugs. The party drives them out, earning the friendship of the kobold and the esteem of the people of Westbrook. While tracking down the reason for the bullywug intrusion, they trace it back to a young black dragon trying to make a lair in the swamp. They slay the dragon and find a Shell Fragment inset into a ring.

Their next adventure took them into the Ruins of Eli’nagrala where they fought a zombie horde and defeated Father Viktor a necromancer in service to the Blood Baroness Kalilesa. It was during this combat that Tempus fell and appeared dead for a few moments before rising at full health in a blinding column of light that left his scales bleached silver. Soon after, he meets his warhorse Star-strider, a magical construct.

The party then travels to Raven’s Bluff where they disturb a ritual of the undead cult they’d encountered before.

Next they travel to the Feywild to assist their ranger in the Summer Hunt, which of course she wins.

Shortly after this, the party goes on hiatus. They go their separate ways but eventually reunite for more adventures.


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